Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Architecture studio & integrated engineering department

Archipente and its engineering office are based in Montbrison under the direction of Dominique Molard.

Our team is composed of an architecture studio and an integrated engineering office specialising in timber and concrete construction. This provides our clients with the privilege of having a single interface during all stages of the project, be it design or construction. Our setup enables interaction between the architecture and engineering fields throughout the design process to ensure:
– Economically optimised and structurally sound architectural projects right from the design stage
– Simultaneous production of structural and architectural drawings within the same office thus ensuring coherence and consistency in the quality of our projects

Paris Metropolitan Region

Architecture studio and Fablab

In Paris, we are located in the heart of the fablab WoMa Fabrique de Quartier co-working space so as to be able to share resources and facilities.

The co-working setup provides access to a wide range of facilities and a multidisciplinary environment of experts and enthusiastic professionals. It includes a large workshop area dedicated to 3D manufacturing, prototype production and large-scale computer aided modelling tools.
Inspired by the Maker Movement, this has been a veritable revolution for our profession.

Himeiji - Japan

Architecture Studio – Nagamori Architect Design Office

In Himeji (Japan), Archipente works in association with Nagamori Architect Design Office, on the challenging aim of developing energy efficient architecture and supporting the timber industry in a country where environmental considerations do not yet shape mainstream architecture. Close
collaboration between Archipente and Lignalithe has allowed us to project established European techniques onto a large scale expansion into Japan, while adapting to the local context.

The first G+4 construction project (2017) in Himeji testifies to this fruitful collaboration.


Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Structural Engineering Office

The timber and concrete structural engineering office is integrated to our consultancy, has a portfolio of diverse and ambitious projects and an impeccable reputation in France and Switzerland. It has collaborated successfully with Archipente on all of its major public institution
projects. It is particularly dedicated to promoting the local timber industry through developing ecological construction projects such as LIGNADAL
Concrete Wood flooring.
Winner of the “PALMARES de l’INNOVATION» 2012, Rhône Alpes – New Construction Techniques and Renovation Projects.



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